Frank Partridge

I'm a freelance journalist, media trainer and author following many frantic years on the frontline as a news and current affairs anchorman and correspondent with the BBC, Sky News and LBC 97.3FM. Following this, I returned to my roots as a print journalist for a most enjoyable period as a travel writer: a role which I take every opportunity to pursue when other work commitments allow. 


I have to admit that anything I might have achieved as a journalist was embarrassingly eclipsed by Steve Coogan, when he revealed in a Sunday Times interview that my name was the inspiration for his cringe-making TV/radio 'personality' Alan Partridge. That certainly put me in my place. I have to report that Steve and I have never met, and I've only been to Norwich twice. Nothing to do with me, guv!


As a trainer, my experience in all forms of local and national media - embracing online and social media too - means I can tailor sessions to suit every individual who needs help and encouragement to improveyour on-air performance, whether you're newbies or have done it all before but need a refresher before enduring the ordeal again. The media landscape changes so quickly these days that refresher courses can be as enlightening as first-time experiences under the lights. My training company, calling on experts from every avenue of the business, is called Media Savvy for a good reason. We're across everything that's happening.


So you will be too.