Media Training

I've worked with diplomats and sports stars, TV personalities and inventors, companies that need publicity for a new product and individuals who urgently need practice in the unfamiliar and scary environment of a TV studio, with its lights, cables, cameras and interviewers adopting an aggressive line of questioning. Engaging with the media can be bewildering for the novice, nerve-wracking for all but the most experienced, and damaging to your organisation's image or profits if you don't get it right.


We can teach you the knack of looking relaxed and confident on camera. How to find the right words when a radio microphone is thrust in your face. How to remain cool under fire in a noisy, hostile press conference. These aren't easy skills to master, and nobody knows better than an ex-pro how to transform a potentially tricky encounter into a valuable reputational or marketing opportunity. Because if you do get it right, an articulate and confident interview can do wonders for your image.


We have a range of training options designed for professionals with all levels of experience - each course tailor made for the particular client and designed to help them deliver clear, concise and effective messages.


If you'd like to email or phone to chat about a project or forthcoming media engagement, click here to get in touch.