Training Courses


MEDIA SAVVY helps companies, government departments, charities and individuals practice and polish the essential skills needed to communicate effectively through the media.


Training is offered at three levels, depending on the experience of the individual or group. Most courses last one day, but intensive one-to-one sessions can also be arranged. We're flexible with venues: training can be carried out in a professional broadcasting studio, a suitable space on your own premises, or at a 'neutral' location such as a hotel conference room. 


COURSE 1: First Steps 


Designed for newcomers to the media world, 'First Steps' concentrates on the press and local radio and explains why clear, precise communication matters. Who are journalists? What do they want from you and what can they do for you in return? We give you the inside track on how to prepare for an interview, and how to increase your chances of having your strongest points reported accurately. We complete the training day with practical press and radio interviews that are relevant to your business and just like the real thing. 


COURSE 2: Second Bite

'Second Bite' is tailor-made for those with some experience of the media who need to hone their interview technique in the high-pressure broadcasting environment. In a series of practical interviews you learn how to keep cool under fire, and clear-headed enough to deliver your key messages in memorable and quotable 'soundbites'. Your communication skills are tested in a series of challenging interviews as if for national radio and TV.


COURSE 3: Media Masterclass

For senior personnel who act as spokespeople for their companies on high profile issues. The Masterclass interviews, tough and informed, examine your knowledge of your specialist area and explore tricky issues that you might prefer to avoid. We explain and practice the technique of 'bridging', which enables you to seize the initiative and take control of the interview in even the most unpromising situation. In common with the other courses, all interviews are recorded, played back and reviewed, and every delegate receives a personalised DVD to take away for private viewing.


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