Even the most respected companies suffer periods of turbulence: a product recall, a profits warning, a shock resignation or a scandal that is not necessarily of their own making. Barings Bank was undone by a single rogue trader; Northern Rock, RBS and Lloyds were overwhelmed by a global crisis. When misfortune arrives at your doorstep, how can you minimise the damage, fend off criticism and keep the press, broadcasting and social media wolves at bay?


Media Savvy organises intensive crisis training days for media-facing personnel, following a pre-prepared, realistic scenario that develops from hour to hour. The exercise tests the team's agility, the quality of their responses, the efficiency of their internal communications set-up and their ability to deliver positive and reassuring messages at speed and under pressure from both the media and the general public. 


Tailored to the needs of your company or organisation, the Crisis Management Day is invaluable preparation for a real-life setback.


Are you ready for one?